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FOR BOOKINGS AND CDs CALL 831/335-8110 or email jayme at purrgirl dot com

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About Jayme

Photo by Kylan Oaks

JAYME KELLY CURTIS is a singer who loves to sing and an instrumentalist who loves to play.

Jayme's passions are:

- SINGING standards with great jazz players
- PERFORMING obscure vaudeville gems with
"celeb-beau" Ukulele Dick
- COLLABORATING with a wide variety of musicians
- WRITING and RECORDING "folkloric jazz" on three stunningly original CDs
- PRODUCING highly creative specialty
and split bill shows

- TEACHING guitar, ukulele and dulcimer
- CONSULTING on marketing, PR and studio projects for selected artists
Santa Cruz County Art of Guitar Exhibit & Festival

Jayme makes it happen at 831/335-8110


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Jayme is on medical hiatus until further notice.

Jayme wants everyone to know she's doing great and expects a complete cure.

If you would like to contribute to Jayme's cancer relief fund, buy a CD! Or make your check to Valley Churches United Missions and put "Jayme Kelly Curtis" in the memo line. (Only VCUM will be privy to the amount.) All donors will receive a CD, so be sure to include your mailing address:
Valley Churches United Missions
P.O. Box 367
Ben Lomond, CA 95005

Don't need the tax deduction? You can send a gift directly to Jayme at:

P.O. Box 278
Felton, CA 95018


"Subversively sexy."
Chris Kee, songwriter

"...Immediately noticeable is Curtis' excellent voice quality crisp enough to lacerate as well as the top-notch quality of the musicianship. ...I think Curtis may have gone and created her own genre and she owns it masterfully. Just beauteous."
Kevan Breitinger,

"One of Santa Cruz's finest songwriters!"
Good Times, Santa Cruz


PurrGirl Music Publishing
P.O. Box 278  • Felton, CA 95006
Jayme at

©Jayme Kelly Curtis 2013