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"One of Santa Cruz's finest songwriters!"
Good Times, April 2009

"Clever eroticism, sweet cynicality and alluring hedonism. The star here is Curtis, her voice and her excellent lyrics, all of which nominate a number of cuts as prime material for others to cover, especially works like Losing Lovers to Barleycorn."
Mark S. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"Sugar & Sand is full-out, pure passion. Jayme Kelly Curtis's vocals give a ton of heart to the songs and the music adds flesh to that passion, emphasizing the tones of each mood." Paul de Bruijn,

"[Sugar & Sand is] a lovely and thoughtful look at today's issues. Highly recommended."
Frank Gossar, KLCC radio, Eugene, OR

"Jayme Kelly Curtis' vocals combine power and purity. she possesses a powerful voice that lends beautifully with the music. The wider range of instruments showcased on Sugar & Sand is a wonderful blend of different sounds that really sets the music apart. Curtis' sophmore release is a trilogy of three moods that provides the listener with a potpourri of music rarely found on one cd."
Georgia Moncrief, GoGirls Music

"She alchemizes her own stories into songs that are at once bold and dreamy, pristine little gems of great nuance. ...Immediately noticeable is Curtis' excellent voice quality, crisp enough to lacerate, as well as the top-notch quality of the musicianship. ...It's in the third portion of the album, dedicated to "Folkloric Jazz," that Curtis' powers truly shine, and she is altogether captivating when she’s found her groove. Each of the five songs offered in this segment sparkle with excellence. Curtis seems most in her element in this genre, her phrasing intelligent, her potent imagery emotive and on the mark. ...I think Curtis may have gone and created her own genre, and she owns it masterfully. Just beauteous."
Kevan Breitinger,

"Subtitled A Triology in Three Moods, Curtis can call it what she wants. I'm going to call it music worth your listening to, for throughout the twelve songs that create this lush and evocative disc you can hear in her thrillingly passionate vocals and intelligently eclectic mix of musical motifs and instruments that Curtis loves her life and inspires us to do the same."
Mike Jurkovic, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"[Sugar & Sand is] A lovely and thoughtful look at today's issues. Highly recommended."
Frank Gosar, KLCC FM, Eugene, OR

"With lyrics profound, her originals take the form of several distinct genres (blues, jazz, folk, rock), and when the guitar proves limiting, she picks up the dulcimer for its meditative gravitas and the ukulele for its perkiness."
Amanda Martinez, Good Times Santa Cruz, March 5, 2008

"[Curtis's] strong vocals, thoughtful lyrics and keen melodic sense bring her stormy folk, blues and jazz originals to life."
Jon Doe Ramey, Good Times Santa Cruz, January 6-12, 2005

"...Jayme Kelly Curtis has her own unique brand of ethereal blues down pat.  Singing heady songs about personal transformation and reflexive ponderings, Curtis may reach for the stars but she is firmly grounded by her straight-shooting acoustic guitar style and willingness to play the blues on her own terms."
Bruce Willey, Good Times Santa Cruz

"Singer/songwriter/guitarist Jayme Kelly Curtis breaks the mold.  Her crisp, clear voice refreshes the bluesy folk traditions she draws upon, sliding from a purr to a growl like nobody's business.  A storyteller extraordinaire, she alchemizes her personal experiences into modern archetypal myths that go straight for the heart.  Her subject matter, spiked with rich metaphors and images, covers an enormous emotional range.  Likewise, her musical flair is deeply nuanced.  Sometimes ethereal, even New Agey, at other times lowdown and nitty gritty, each song enters new terrain or infuses old ground with new blood."
Andrea Perkins,  Metro Santa Cruz

"Songs from the heart and the head, plus a beautiful voice to boot.  My personal favorites are Shape of Your Heart and Circle of Joy.  The highly polished Lanternland also sounds like it could be a major label release.  An enlightening journey, In A Rushing Stream, Bon Voyage!"
Don Husing, Co-Host Good Morning Monterey Bay,
KSCO 1080 AM, Santa Cruz, CA

"I received your album this morning and just finished listening to it all in one shot. You did a great job on the album (as opposed to a few songs and filler.)  It comes across as very successfully done as a whole.  I'll air this next Saturday night on my station and probably play cuts 1-4 the first week. I want the listeners to hear the ideas and feelings as you planned them on the album. It feels good.  Let me know when your next one is released."
Jack "Sandman" Garrison, WFIT FM, Melbourne, FLA

"Jayme Kelly Curtis is a singer/songwriter with a very distinct vocal texture and unique melody that inspires the soul. Her music is fascinating musical blend of Latin acoustics, blues and jazz smoothness and folk beauty. Her songs are intellectually written with a dreamlike mood to them. The thing about this album that caught my attention wasn't just the way that this original style of music was arranged, but the alluring vocal style that Jayme has. The hypnotic effect of her voice allowed me to enjoy the music even more. The songs are simplistic on the surface, but as you tune your ear and listen deeper, the complexity shines like a beacon of light. I also noticed the great acoustic guitar style that Jayme delivered throughout the album. This is one multitalented musician and her CD comes highly recommended to anyone who loves great music with a folk/blues edge and intelligent songwriting." ****
Michael Allison - THEGLOBALMUSE.COM 

"Relaxing guitars, rain sticks and mystical singing characterize the first few tunes off this delightful 12-song album by longtime singer/songwriter Jayme Kelly Curtis.  After that, Curtis follows her folksy blues and finger-picking background, from the vaudevillian "Lifeline" to the C&W-leaning "Big City Blues." Thanks to guest musicians like Bruce Argyle and Walter Bankovitch, the tracks all sound different. Like many contemporary folksters, such as Karen Savoca, Curtis substitutes other percussion instruments like congas, chimes and shakers for  a trap set--sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. On "Sideshow," the pingpong sounds get in the way of mellow accordions and Curtis's singing. Speaking of her voice, some might compare Curtis' to pop star Jewel's, with all its sultriness and lightly peppered gusto. In reality, it's the other way around--Curtis is much more woman than Jewel."
David Espinoza April 19-26, 2000 Metro Santa Cruz

"Somewhere amid the vast array of musical genres, there's a subtle blending of folk and blues.  Sometimes, it's difficult to distinguish the roots or  direction in such crossover styles.  But, one thing is certain...  Jayme Kelly Curtis is the kind of artist to do wonders with the blend.

"In A Rushing Stream" is a wonderful collection of folk/blues songs, lyrically beautiful and spiritually uplifting.  Jayme Kelly Curtis has a voice to soothe and fully occupy the mind, while speaking to the heart.  She is an extraordinary talent; a gifted songwriter, a masterful acoustic guitarist, and an enchanting vocalist.  Her music is a journey for the mind and soul, provoking familiar and distant emotions with every melody and every lyric.

"In A Rushing Stream" is an album of mystical and spiritual journeys, both somber and fun.  The crisp, clear vocals and music come through with a pure and easy feeling.  How can anyone not like this music?  Jayme Kelly Curtis is a tremendous talent, a must for the ears and the mind."
Midnight Rider, bumpNgrind Radio

"...Jayme's voice is clearer than a Broadway singer's on Friday night.  Her full woman vocals, often overdubbing themselves on the chorus, are like a combo between Helen Reddy and Jewel, but unlike either of them... .Definitely worth a listen."
Ben Ohmart Assistant Editor,The Music Dish

Dear Jayme,
You certainly have the ability to bring liveliness and excitement to a gathering with your voice and connecting genius. Both Betsy & I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing your songs, patter, and amusing collaboration with Bruce [Argyle]. Looking forward to more experiences like last night, which was a five-star treat.

Warm regards
Nick Herbert, physicist
(You can get info about Nick's books, read his poetry, and find many interesting links at

"Jamie (sic) Kelly Curtis has a knack for finding the perfect song for the moment."
Helping Hand,
Winter 2004 issue, Hand of the Peninsula

"What strikes me about Jayme's music is her voice quality ... It is a treasure that she should continue to use for our (the listener's) enjoyment. ... The voice is sultry and clear, the storytelling is captivating. 'Alchemy' and 'Magic Colorado' in particular are excellent. The album is well engineered and doesn't intrude on this special voice. Way to go, girl. Good album!"
Mark Cook, KKUP 91.5 FM, Santa Clara, CA

"Fantastic songs, good musicians, and most of all a brilliant voice." 
Dirk Stursberg, Radio 98.6, Berlin, Germany

"Catch this pure-voiced singer now, and it will be like you were lucky enough to see the Dixie Chicks when they were playing street corners...  Where has she been all our lives? I hear this and I think, why isn't she on the radio?"
Brad Kava, Pop Music Critic, San Jose Mercury News

"What stands out most memorably from Jayme Kelly Curtis is her voice — strong, clear and passionately expressive. Different styles on the musical spectrum, intriguing lyrics and the same enchanting voice make this release [Sugar & Sand] a trifecta. Enjoy."
Kevin's Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews

"The choice of violinist Autumn Hancock as a major contributor to the Past Lives section is a major part of the strength of the opening "volume" of the album. Hancock really understands and embodies the reach of Jayme Kelly Curtis' social and spiritual vision. She follows and adorns the sweep of Jayme's voice, at turns sweet and piercing. ...Solid feminist blues tunes are not unknown, but Curtis' Do the Dishes, Too is great stuff.  Simply the sexiest song about housework ever. ...Jayme unleashes her considerable voice and songwriting, ably aided by Radim Zenkl on strings and winds, Rick Walker's gently nuanced percussion, Jack Marshall's firm and musical bass work, and splendid trumpet and flugelhorn by George Demarest.  ...It is a simple joy to hear, and a remarkably potent visual package – especially from an indy artist – make Sugar & Sand a mix that works."
Mike Simpson, QuarterNotes, Newsletter of the California Coast Music Camp, June 2004

"Listening to Jayme Kelly Curtis' latest CD is the equivalent of watching a mood ring change colors. ...Sugar & Sand is a multi-faceted musical experience. Curtis' experience with various genres is sure to leave audiences pleased ..."
Kristin Quiroz Bayona, Good Times Santa Cruz

"This warm singer/songwriter makes an impression with her sweet, dulcet music and clear, strong voice.
Sarah Quelland, Metro Santa Cruz

"A nice variety of stuff, well produced, great musicianship and singing throughout, and songwriting that smacks of poetic honesty.  Hot stuff, and I'm glad to have been a part of it!"
Rolly Brown, Winfield Fingerpicking Champion

"I'm really enjoying this CD, because it's not the average singer/songwriter CD. Jayme herself calls the music 'New Age Folk,' but it strikes me more as extremely emotive folk-rock. While the instruments themselves are acoustic, the blues feel of many of the songs gives a 'rock' flavor to the whole project, if that makes any sense. The album itself is split into three parts, the first track, 'Documentary,' is the "Prologue," while the next nine tracks make up the "Travelogue." And here is where the album really shines, especially the more rocking tracks like 'Alchemy' and 'Locked Out.' Still, some of the more memorable moments appear on songs like 'Sideshow,' where all of a sudden a great accordion part appears. And none of this is mentioning Jayme's voice either, which is absolutely powerful, for lack of a better term. This is truly a dynamic effort worth listening to more than once. I know I'm going to keep listening for quite awhile. ***1/2
IndieCator, June 2001

"The review committee loved your work. We had 300 submissions for Performing Members of Indiegrrl this session, and only 40 inductees, so congratulations!"
Holly Figueroa,

"Curtis always delivers an interesting and eclectic show filled with every genre of music from Celtic to jazz."
Michelle Benson, December 27, 2000 Good Times (Santa Cruz)

 "Jayme's work is characterized by bright clear melodies, excellent musicianship, and beautiful vocals. One of my favorite guests for the Friday Folk-Off Radio Program."
Dave Stafford,KKUP 91.5 FM, Santa Clara, CA

"Among the cream of the crop of indies on the verge of making it."
DJ Paulie, WSAM Radio, Hartford, CT

"Don't categorize Jayme's music by just the bluesy stuff. This talented songwriter with an ethereal voice can float from the blues to Celtic and everything in between."
Lori Ann Saeki, KTUH 90.3 Honolulu


"Jayme Kelly Curtis and Friends were the right band at the right time for our recent New Year's event in Pasadena. Their instrumental and vocal skills, wide ranging repertoire and engaging manner with the audience provided a fantastic atmosphere for us. Hundreds of people from all over the country arrived on tour buses  and were thrilled at the wonderful music they heard while entering our venue. This band will be invited back in the future, they are great!" 
Steven Morgan, Event Coordinator, Tournament of Roses Fan Fest

"Jayme Kelly Curtis and the And Friends Band really added to the festive atmosphere of the Fanfest events."
J.B. Bell, BBQ and Chili Cook-Off Committee Chair,
Tournament of Roses

"Jayme Kelly Curtis refers to her music as "New Age Folk," but that barely scratches the surface of her soulful vocal style and bluesy guitar work. A seasoned performer who brings a personal vision to a dynamic performance style."
Mark Bradlyn, Promoter, Mockingbird Books Acoustic Music Series

"Jayme Kelly Curtis brought an outstanding show to our stage. She is blessed with a strong, clear voice and passion, and the pickin' was hot. Jayme's show are like well cast revues with outstanding fresh faces each time."
Tom Miller, Producer, Don Quixote's International Music Hall


"Dear Jayme, I am 'carried away' with the beauty, artistry and wit of your exquisite recording. I shall treasure your precious recording, and being a life-long poetry buff, shall keep your verses handy when I need a lift." With love & gratitude,Velzoe Brown

"From the opening song through the final note, I found a very nice touch of voice and instruments. The musicians were top-notch and the engineering of the album was excellent. It's obvious that there is much talent in Jayme Curtis and we look forward to her next album!"
Steve Grappone, a fan

"In A Rushing Stream is the kind of album that you can share with friends. I own a retail business and whenever the album is playing, people always ask to see the case. A lot of my customers have purchased the album after hearing it in my store.  Although every word of the lyrics and every note of music are original, there is nonetheless, a feeling of familiarity, of comfort to Jayme's voice. When I listen to this album, I often think of Carol King, James Taylor or Joni Mitchell. Not because the music sounds like these other artists, only that these are other artists whose music I was able to listen to repeatedly without growing tired of the music or lyrics. There is wonderful variety to the album's cuts and Jayme's voice has such versatility that I look forward to future explorations. This album is a keeper."
Doug Andrews

"I find Jayme's music very sincere and appealing. She has put together a group of her musician friends in the Bay Area to help make her songs rich in sound and content.  "Lifeline" with its ragtime piano and harmonizing vocals is a real treat. Her beautiful voice is brought to life in "Shape Of Your Heart" with rich soft melodies. The full flavor and personal stories of this album make it a real treasure."
Carole Galvan, Indie Music Vendor,
To The

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